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Make Music Day PDX is an event for people who love music and the joyous sense of community that music can foster.  It will be held at numerous locations in Portland on June 21, all open to the public.  On June 21, 2016, we will have 13 public parks and several other venues.

Make Music Day PDX is a call to participation: Music for the People, By the People.  It is an invitation to all musicians, amateur as well as professional, to sign up to perform on June 21.  We invite you all to show up and enjoy the music, whether the music is familiar or new.

Make Music Day PDX is a celebration of music of all genres played by and enjoyed by people of all stripes.  We present music from Alternative to Bluegrass to Classical to Zydeco.  In 2015, Make Music Day PDX’s first year, we presented 61 different music groups playing at 18 different venues.  The music was high quality and people enjoyed the event.  In 2016, we plan to improve on a good start.

Make Music Day PDX grew out of the Fete de la Musique, which originated in France in 1982 as a call to musicians in Paris to get out in the streets on June 21 and play music.  Since then, it has spread widely in Europe and Africa and is getting started in a handful of American cities.  Best of all, Make Music Day PDX fits Portland like a glove.

Click on “Participate” if you’d like to perform or volunteer to help out.


It’s easy to get involved! We invite you to:

Register to perform on June 21, 2016 by taking the following steps:

  1. Musicians: Click on the box below that says “Click Here to Sign Up” and follow the instructions provided to get yourself a gig.
  2. Donors: Click on the heart to the left to get to the Support page, then click on “Donate Now via PayPal” to make a tax deductible contribution.
  3. Volunteers: To help out for awhile at one of the Venues — two hours is common — just email us at
  4. Audience: Scroll down to “Hear the Music” and see each of the Venues, listed in alphabetical order, with the name of each group of musicians who will perform and when they will play.

For a general overview of Make Music Day PDX and answers to frequently asked questions about the event and matchmaking, please see our FAQ section.



Make Music Day PDX has a variety of expenses, including hiring sound technicians, renting sound systems, obtaining insurance, and providing our volunteers with t-shirts with the Make Music Day PDX logo on it.  The musical performances we present are free and open to the public and we count on your contributions to make this happen.

Donate Now via PayPal

Make Music Day PDX is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax deductible if you are eligible to take deductions. All donations will be acknowledged with a notice for your tax records.

Make Music Day PDX would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors, whose generous support we greatly value:



Hear the Music

Below is a working schedule of the bands and venues that are currently signed up for Make Music Day 2016 along with each bands self-described genre(s). Take a look and see who you’re going to come out and see!

Pioneer Courthouse Square

6:00-7:00 Ukulele Mass Appeal Event

Community Music Center:

5:00-6:15  Up to Something Quartet (Ladies Barbershop)                                   (Choral)

6:15-7:15   Classical Revolution          (Bringing classical music to non-traditional venues) (Classical)

7:15-8:00  Bridgetown Sound             (Men’s a cappella barbershop choir)       (Standards, Americana/Bluegrass, Choral)

Director Park

5:00-7:00  Stump City Soul                 (Classic soul with horns and attitude)   (Soul, R&B, Funk)

7:00-9:00  Mike Curtis Jazz Project  (Zappa meets Buddy Rich)                       (Big Band Jazz)

Gabriel Park

3:30-5:00   Ainsworth Street Band    (Eclectic originals and covers)                 (Pop, Indie-Rock, Blues)

5:00-6:00  La Musica                            (Classical and popular, played with joy)(String quartet)

6:00-7:30  River Street                         (Rock to blues to swing)                            (Rock, Gospel, Blues)

7:30-9:00  Sorta Ultra                           (Rock ‘n roll all the way)                           (Rock, Punk)

Holladay Park

5:00-6:15   Don & Mark Play Jazz       (Saxophone and bass duets)                     (Standards, Jazz)

6:15-7:45    All I Feel Is Yes                  (Ecstasy, humor and melancholy)           (Experimental, Rock, Singer/Songwriter)

7:45-9:00   Thunderfunk                       (10-piece jazz/funk hybrid)                      (Funk, Jazz, Soul)

Irving Park

5:00-6:15   Willow House                      (Dynamic and energetic indie rock)        (Indie-Rock, Experimental)

6:15-7:45    Music Tuesday                   (Multi-instrumental rock ‘n roll)              (Folk, Rock, Blues)

7:45-9:00   ZZRose                                 (Girl and guitar, singer songwriter)         (Singer/Songwriter)

Jameson Square Park

5:00-6:00  Aaron Nigel Smith              (Reggae for the whole family)                   (Reggae, World, Pop)

6:00-7:00  Red Yarn                               (Folksongs and puppetry for the family) (Folk, Rock, Kids)

7:00-8:00  Mo Philips                            (For families that dance and rock out)    (Kids, Indie-Folk, Singer/Songwriter)

5:00-6:00  Aaron Smith                         (Reggae for the whole family)                   (Reggae, World, Pop)

Laurelhurst Park

1:00-2:15    Chad Boston                         (Eclectic Guitarist)                                     (Blues, Experimental, Rock)

2:15-4:00   The Toads                              (Powerpop & punk with harmonies)      (Rock, Punk, Pop)

4:00-4:45  Squeezebox Cowboys          (Rock and country with accordions)      (Musical Theater, Rock, Country)

4:45-6:00  Walter, etc.                            (Folk rock and diverse)                             (Folk, Indie, Rock)

6:00-7:00  Farrago                                   (Original rootsy rock and country)        (Indie-Rock, Pop, Singer/Songwriter)

7:00-9:00  Honky-Tonk Rebel               (Blues, New Orleans and country)         (Honky-tonk, Country, Americana, Rock)

McCoy Park

5:00-6:15   Freq-Ton                               (Original inspirational rock)                     (Rock)

6:15-7:45   Bloco Algeria Samba Band (Brazilian rhythms of Rio)                        (World, Latin)

7:45-9:00   Gabriel D. Tierney              (Hip-hop with inspiration)                        (Hip-hop)

Mt. Tabor Park

5:00-6:15   Ben Wilton                             (Acoustic guitar and 2 singers)               (Americana, Indie, Singer/Songwriter)

6:30-7:30   Jacob Westfall                      (Composer, lyricist and singer)               (Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Soul)

7:30-9:00  Uncle Funkster                      (Funk and fusion classics)                        (Funk, R&B, Jazz)

O’Connor’s Restaurant

5:30-6:30    3 Hand Stephen                   (Guitar and singer)                                   (Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter)

6:30-8:00   Jazzitude                               (Seven-piece band)                                    (Blues, Jazz)

8:00-9:00   Wolff                                      (Soulful, electronic and catchy)               (Singer/Songwriter, Electronic, R&B)

Old Church

5:00-6:15     Jacob Westfall                     (Composer, lyricist and singer)               (Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Soul)

6:00-6:30    Suzanne Rague                    (Classical works for solo cello)                (Classical)

6:30-7:15     Ron Waggoner                     (Original folk and country songs)           (Folk, Country, Rock)

7:15-8:00     Erick Haynie                        (From Dr. John to Meade Lux Lewis)    (Blues)

8:00-9:00   Craig Burk                             (Italian pop to American standards)      (Foreign, Jazz)

Peninsula Park 

12:00-1         Vancouver Pops Orchestra (Orchestra with a love for music)           (Pop, Standards, Other)

2:15-3:30     Aviel Ben Yamin                  (Artist and Producer)                                 (Hip-Hop)

3:30-5:30    Echoes of Yasgurs                (Music of the Woodstock generation)    (Rock, Folk, Country)

5:00-5:30    Big Ole Dudes                       (8-member R&B band)                              (Soul, R&B, Jazz)

6:15-7:30     Greg Dulapaix                       (Pianist and songwriter)                           (Indie-Rock, Jazz, Singer/Songwriter)

7:30-9:00    We Three                               (Folk/Pop originals and covers)               (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Pop)

Resound NW Music Studio

5:00-5:30    Andrea Gatson                      (Cellist performs Bach)                             (Classical)

6:00-7:00   Resound NW Choirs            (Choirs present a mix of sounds)            (Choral, Pop, Classical)

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

5:00-5:30    Coda in Blue                          (Drumming meets organic melodies)    (Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz)

St. Honore Boulangerie

Sellwood (Upper) Park

5:00-6:00    Tony Favazza                        (Melodic lyricist and rocker)                    (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Rock)

6:00-6:45    Black Fruit                            (Groovy garage surf band)                        (Indie0Rock, Rock, Blues)

6:45-7:45    For Sale                                   (Singer-songwriter)                                   (Country Western)

7:45-9:00    Coda in Blue                          (Drumming meets organic melodies)    (Jazz, Hip-Hop, Electronic)

Ventura Park

5:00-6:00    Chris Baron                           (Funk metal to Jazzy Folk)                        (Indie-rock, Folk, Singer/Songwriter)

6:00-7:00    Orejon Swift                          (Originals and covers with guitar)          (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Americana)

7:30-8:30    N.W. Harmony Chorus       (50-voice women’s barbershop chorus) (Choral, Standards, Musical Theater)

8:30-9:00    Bridgetown Sound               (Mens Barbershop Chorus)                      (Standards, Americana, Choral)

Wallace Park 

4:00-5:00   Joe Young                               (Blues Harmonica)                                     (Blues)

7:00-8:00   PDX Icons                              (Portland based, original band)               (Blues, Rock, Indie-Rock)

8:00-9:00   Supercoil                                (Funky, bluesy rock)                                   (Rock, Blues, Funk)

Woodstock Park

5:00-6:15    El Diablitos                            (Like surf punk on Cinco de Mayo)          (Latin, Singer/Songwriter, Other)

6:15-7:30    The KOS                                 (Like Nirvana unplugged)                           (Rock, Punk, Other)

7:30-9:00   Speaker Minds                      (High energy funk and hip-hop)               (Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul)